ClipOn XT - Extra Comfort for your Shopping Cart

The ClipOn XT is a completely new handle system that has been especially designed for use on U.S. carts. Easily mounted, the ClipOn XT improves the comfort and handling of almost any shopping cart. Ergonomic features additionally guarantee easy and pleasant cart handling.

systec's new antistatic built-in technology helps prevent users from receiving unpleasant shocks when touching the cart.

As an option, the ClipOn XT can be equipped with an antimicrobial function. The applied compound effectively prevents the growth of germs and microorganisms on the handle. This ensures that the handles remain hygienic and clean for at least four years.

Our patented coin lock system guarantees lower costs for your operation and better service for your customers. It works with a special KeyCard and/or coin, and can be easily added to the ClipOn XT at a later point.


The problem is well known: static charge on shopping carts builds up and leads to unpleasant shocks when touching the cart. systec's new antistatic built-in technology prevents this from happening. One antistatic insert on each side, manufactured from a conductive material, ensures that whenever a customer is pushing the shopping cart with the new systec handle it will be de-charged. Since this is happening all the time, no static charge will build up, and static shocks will not occur.


Shopping cart handles are one of the most contaminated items that customers have to deal with while shopping. All kinds of germs can be found on these handles. That is why the new ClipOn XT can be retrofitted with an anti-microbial active-silver-based add-on. This anti-microbial feature can be guaranteed for at least four years.


Shopping carts have become much larger over the last ten years, but the shopping cart handles still have the same diameter. To make it easier for customers to push the cart, and, even more importantly, to make them more pleasant to use, the ClipOn XT features ergonomic handle grips that make everything so much easier for your customers.


The ClipOn XT is perfect for communicating advertising messages to your customers. Whenever you want to get a message across, ClipOn XT is an excellent way to do so.


With the proven systec coin lock technology, the ClipOn XT manages your shopping carts effectively. There is even the option of integrating a KeyCard system, which means the ClipOn XT can be released not only with a coin, but also with a KeyCard, as support for your customers.


Exchange of advertising within seconds allows you to always be up to date. With a simple but effective suction cap, it is easy to exchange the ad label in just a matter of seconds.