cardloc - Intelligent and independent

cardloc combines conventional cart lock technology with intelligent KeyCard functions. Combinable with: coin only / KeyCard only / KeyCard and coin. The KeyCard-only option offers a number of special applications, e.g. controlled release of expensive children's shopping carts. The KeyCard guarantees much higher protection against forgery than does a standard shopping cart token.


Only cardloc enhances the classic coin lock function with a KeyCard.


Casing and cassettes are all made from high-quality resistant plastic that has been tried and tested over many years. We also put a great value on easy handling. With a special key, coin cassettes can be replaced easily in just a matter of seconds.


Compatible with all other systec coin locks.


One screw secures the lock to the handlebar, and the flexible clamp allows cardloc to be fitted to almost any shopping cart.


A robust housing protects the interior mechanics from vandalism.