SmartSafe - Buckle up!

SmartSafe is the new and revolutionary seat belt system from systec fitting onto lmost any available shopping cart. SmartSafe provides more safety for children and a relaxed shopping experience for parents. SmartSafe effectively supports a child-friendly environment in stores, and this is what parents appreciate - safety for their children. 


SmartSafe is safe, because it adapts itself automatically to the size of the child. Why is this important?  Because this effectively prevents the child from getting up into the shopping cart and making it tip over. This makes for more safety and more relaxed parents.


Don't lose time by manually adjusting the length of the seatbelt. With SmartSafe, it's very simple: pull out the belt, wrap it around the child, and snap in the latch. Once snapped in, the belt is secured.


Dangling seat belts can get broken and cause problems when nesting shopping carts. SmartSafe is securely stowed away when not in use. SmartSafe is designed to last for the lifetime of a shopping cart, reducing service costs for belts and shopping carts.


SmartSafe fits onto almost any available shopping cart. Its universal mounting system guarantees easy mounting onto both new and used shopping carts.


While not in use, the SmartSafe seatbelt is protected in a high-resistant plastic housing against rain and dirt. 


SmartSafe is also available for shopping carts with a double child seat.

Feelgood factor

Make SmartSafe part of your campaign for a child-friendly environment - SmartSafe proves that you care.